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Mini Mufflers -  (22dB) Passive Ear Protection for Babies & Toddlers
Industry Leading Noise Reduction Rating - Protect your baby’s sensitive hearing anytime, anywhere! The Mini Muffler Baby/Toddler Earmuffs are equipped with powerful noise reduction technology, making them the perfect defense against loud, disruptive, or dangerous noise. They pass both USA and European safety tests and are perfect for loud race tracks, concerts, fireworks and more.

- Silence The Roar -

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Welcome To Auditory Defense

Our mission is to safeguard the hearing of drivers, fans, and enthusiasts across motorsports and beyond. Founded by Occupational Audiologist Anissa Bezanson, our company is dedicated to improving hearing protection and raising awareness about the critical need for auditory care in high-noise environments.

Meet Anissa

Anissa Bezanson, an Occupational Audiologist, champions auditory health. Armed with a master’s degree in Audiology, she's deeply versed in hearing mechanics and noise level impact. Her advocacy for hearing protection stems from a decade in occupational audiology, witnessing the struggles of hearing loss and tinnitus.

Driven by a mother’s concern, Anissa witnessed a lack of hearing protection in motorsports, inspiring her to...

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Anissa Bezanson and family

Did You Know?


Prolonged Exposure to Noise Over 85dB Can Cause Hearing Damage.


Snohomish, WA, USA

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