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Meet Anissa

Anissa Bezanson, an Occupational Audiologist, champions auditory health. Armed with a master’s degree in Audiology, she's deeply versed in hearing mechanics and noise level impact. Her advocacy for hearing protection stems from a decade in occupational audiology, witnessing the struggles of hearing loss and tinnitus.

Driven by a mother’s concern, Anissa witnessed a lack of hearing protection in motorsports, inspiring her to establish Auditory Defense. Dedicated full-time, she leads the charge for safer auditory environments in high-decibel events.

Auditory Defense isn’t just about standard protection; it pioneers innovations targeting unaddressed challenges. Beyond motorsports, our hearing protection solutions extend to concerts and sports events, redefining auditory protection.

Join us in prioritizing auditory defense. Together, we ensure thrilling experiences without compromising hearing. Thank you for choosing Auditory Defense – your protection, our passion.

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Snohomish, WA, USA

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